Don't Tread on Liberty

Who is protecting the kids?

December 28, 2021 Jason Davis Season 2 Episode 23
Don't Tread on Liberty
Who is protecting the kids?
Show Notes

Happy New Year! After a bit of a break due to our big relocation and the holidays we are back from our new command center high atop the White Mountains. Today we talk to three leaders at Children's Health Defense Arizona about all the threats your kids are facing and what YOU can do to protect them and all of our freedoms too! Don't miss this thought provoking show. 

Children's Health Defense (National Site):

Children's Health Defense (Arizona):

Arizonans for Safe Tech (5G):

Save your kids from the government run indoctrination camps called public schools and get your kids into a good private Christian school or homeschool. To help out with making sure your kids know the truth about issues and ideas, check out the Tuttle Twins children's books and magazines!

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