Don't Tread on Liberty

Things that make you go.....hmmmmmm

January 04, 2022 Jason Davis Season 3 Episode 1
Don't Tread on Liberty
Things that make you go.....hmmmmmm
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Join us today for flashback conversation. This is for all you doubters out there, Listen as we talk all current events with Jim Stroud from and the Things I Think About podcast. Jim and I talk Covid, Vax Mandates, systemic racism, gender identity, and more.  The best part is this conversation happened about three months ago. Were we correct back then about things to come? HINT: YES! DO NOT MISS THIS!

Guest Profile: A career in recruiting, and curiosity for the truth inspired Jim to write about topics people might not be hearing about in the MSM.  Jim now tries to expose the left, and inspire right turns. 

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fighting back against the left's non stop attacks on liberty, freedom. And America, America. This is don't tread on liberty. Jason Davis is on the air. Hey, welcome back to don't shut out liberty. Thanks for being here. Jason Davis. There is a lot going on in the world, as always, and somebody I'd like to talk to about all of those different types of things is the host of the things I think about podcast. Mr. Jim Stroud is with us, Jim, thanks for being here. How are you? Thanks for having me. I'm doing well, as well as can be in these interesting times. That's for sure. I know, right? It's like It seriously is like the twilight zone for the last year and a half, two years. True. I don't think it's ever going to end to be quite honest. And it's like, one of my favorite shows on Netflix is Black Mirror and 2020 and 2021. Or like a very long episode of Black Mirror. Have you ever seen that show? No, I haven't. It's like, yes, like Twilight Zone for tech for technology. So everything that could go wrong with tech. It goes into? Yeah, I mean, I read that book. 1984. And, you know, I broke my phone in half after that. So I'm going back to the brick phone, you know that you remember those things, too. I am really on the verge of that there is this new phone I saw it advertised I think on Candace Owens show it was Scott Scott a freedom phone, which is designed for freedom lovers as they call it, which means it doesn't spy on you. I was just reading right before we got together about Apple in how they're launching this new mass surveillance. Strategy. Have you heard about it? Yeah, they're gonna scan everybody's fake pictures and look for, you know, child. Children are kiddie porn. Yeah, yeah. Or whatever. I mean, that's where it starts. And that can be that can be like, you know, you took a picture of your little girl in the bathtub when she was two or something. And then they come and kick your door down. So Exactly, yeah. So let's talk about vaccine mandates. Because this is coming hard and heavy. I was I was calling I was warning on this a year ago. This is coming fast and furious now. And it's happening all over the world. This is a clear violation of your constitutional rights. You know, just at the very most basic level, read the Declaration of Independence, you have the right to life, liberty, and the and the pursuit of happiness. The word liberty is freedom over your own body. Okay. So they are now at the point where they're going to tell us what kind of medical treatment we must have. And I mean, where does that end? That means so they're going to do that. So does that mean if I get cancer, they're going to make me take chemo? Does that mean if I, the next emergency, if it's overpopulation in the world, they can, you know, exterminate my kids or castrate me, because I'm not allowed to have any more children kind of like what they do in China. Is that where we're headed, or I mean, where does it end? So I mean, if we allow this, if this is allowed to happen, that essentially means the government owns you. You have no you have no rights, you have no autonomy, and you absolutely have no freedom. What are your thoughts? I think you're I think you're dead on I think it will continue as long as we allow it until we have a big wellspring of patriots. People who say, You know what, enough is enough. We take the example of what's going on in France with people protesting in mass even though they're not showing it over here in the media, people in in Ireland, people in Germany, a lot of people have risen up and protest it and I mean, like hundreds of 1000s or millions of people rather worldwide, against these COVID vaccine lock downs. And I think we need to see something like that happen here in America. I think as long as we continue to take it and not fight back against it. We don't resist, it's going to just get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. To get to the point that we won't be able to resist because we'll be so overwhelmed. I fully expect to see more lockdowns around the time of election to make it make it more easier for certain people to win elections that there's already talk about that in California. And I see that happening nationwide, eventually soon have already heard some buzz about it from different media outlets saying that it's being discussed and that potentially, it may happen before the month is out there is that concrete? Is that for sure. And that's just sort of the rumor buzz from people who supposedly have insight or connection inside the White House that they're discussing it. I think it's I think it's very dangerous. They also have heard reports of how some school systems are going around parents wishes in vaccinating children and asking the children not to mention it to their parents. I don't have a newspaper citation for that. But I was sharing that earlier today. So I find absolutely is going on Washington DC. They passed a I don't know if there's an ordinance there or some type of law. Yes, children as young as 11. Can consent without parental consent, and they absolutely do tell them not to tell their parents, and it's happening in other places as well. They're setting up, you know, vaccination sites at every public school. I mean, they're, you know, this is open season on kids. And it's not good. It's not good at all. When my daughter was in school when she was in grade school, and she had a headache, the school had to call me for permission to give her an aspirin. You know, that's how far this whole situation has changed, when you have to call me to give my kid an aspirin. But you can go ahead and inject them with something with an experimental drug. It just blows my mind. It was on my event tonight, even to date unless maybe you've heard otherwise. But today is still the vaccine is still quote unquote, experimental because it hasn't been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Now, there's been hundreds, maybe even 1000s of experts that have testified before the FDA. There's lawyers involved, there's lawsuits being filed against the FDA, to basically revoke the emergency use authorization based on all the deaths and adverse events that have been reported to the bar system. And they're still going to approve it. I mean, I have no doubt of that. So I don't know that we can stop it. Once it is approved, there's no telling what they're gonna do. You saw the story, I'm sure about the CDC FEMA camps, you know, what is gonna happen, Jim, is all of these increased cases that they're saying exist? They're going to blame that on the unvaccinated. Okay. So they're going to, they're going to blame that when in reality, you can see when you look at other countries, so like in Israel, for example, they are one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world right now. They have about 80% of their populace fully vaccinated. Yep. And 95% of their hospitalizations are people that are fully vaccinated. So these are the people that are spreading the variants. These are the people that are getting sick again, because their immune system has been destroyed. And the but what they're doing is the opposite. See, they're going to blame the people that are unvaccinated and convinced about 70% of the people that it's our fault. And at that point, just like in Nazi Germany, they'll happily lock 30% of us up to save the rest of them. So that's where this is all going. Again, I'm not. I'm not sure there's anything we can do about it. You I want to circle back to what you said a couple minutes ago. You talked about the protests going on around the world. Yep. So this has been happening for well over a year. I mean, Germany, England, Australia. I mean, these places are on fire. I mean, they got millions of people in the streets, like every, like every day. Yeah, yeah. And and what good is that done? Jim, what good is it done, I think is something was one of the things where you have to keep the pressure on, maybe we don't see it right away. But it has to be constantly, the pressure has to have to be maintained. Because as soon as you stop with the pressure, they're just gonna load moron on top. So I hope the protests never stop until some sanity up. But by means of sanity, people have the right over their own bodies, again, which the governments the various governments are striving to take away. Because if they do not happen, if it does not happen, if they give up, they don't keep the pressure up, then it's only going to snowball into other areas of life. Um, I read recently how David Sachs, who was the co founder of who was the founder of PayPal, was talking about how he was taking his company to task because there were different groups out there like the ADL, American Defense League, and others. Were saying that because they thought that someone's views was a hate crime. Or and there was another one about some sort of crazy Christian group. They were demanding that they be de platformed from PayPal, because they disagreed with their ideology, the leftist ideology that they espouse. So I can easily imagine, easily imagine that if someone is not vaccinated that there'll be a movement to say, Hey, you can't act you cannot work will operate in polite society because you have not abided by this vaccination. I know there already been reports of some bars and restaurants, whatever saying, you can't come into the bar restaurant unless you can prove that you've been vaccinated. That's in France, even had police officers roaming around through different bars and cafes, asking people to see their vaccination papers, which was eerily reminiscent of East Germany, World War two kind of stuff. It's, it's really scary. The next step would be to tie it to commerce, it would be time to travel because I think it was United Airlines, they were not going to hire anybody unless you're vaccinated. Unfortunately, Delta Airlines, a few others have said they're not going to do that. But it only takes a few to get on the bandwagon for the others to comply. So long, the long answer short, the people have to resist they have to maintain resistance. If they don't, it would only get worse, because the left will not give up either. Here's what I think. I think that everybody in this country that is harmed in any way by any of this should file a lawsuit. That's what I think. I think if you're denied services, file a lawsuit. If they tell you you can't come in here, file a lawsuit. You know, your private medical information is protected by law, it's a crime for them to even ask you about your medical conditions. Yeah, this is this is essentially like saying, Well, if you have HIV, you can't come in our store, or you can't fly on our airplane, or you can't bank with us. Okay, file a lawsuit. Oh, you're gonna make my kid wear a mask in school, file a lawsuit? You know, we need to flood them. There should be millions of lawsuits in every state. There are some federal lawsuits pending, there are some class action lawsuits pending This all needs to continue. But individuals need to start filing pro se. We need to basically break the court system. And all we need is a couple, Jim, like, there's a lot of bad judges, right. But we only need a couple to go our way. And just like in Alberta, one guy, one guy went into court pro se subpoenaed the health director in Alberta said prove to me that you have a COVID-19 Prove to me show me the isolated COVID-19 virus, they could not do it. The judge has ended all restrictions in Alberta, Canada, it's over. It's all over there. It's been constructed, it's been struck down. That's one man. If all of us did that, we could do that here. And that's that's why we have the ongoing barrage of psychological warfare, coming through mainstream media coming through social media coming through a bunch of different directions. We can't not be allowed to think beyond a narrative that they want us to think. Because if they do, because if we do think beyond their narrative, then they lose control, and they won't suffer that. Yeah, absolutely. Now driving all of this, in the middle of all of this craziness, they are causing division amongst Americans, and they're doing this in several different ways. One of the major ones is this whole narrative of systemic racism. Okay, and canceled culture, defund the police. You know, reparations, I mean, all of this. And it's all centered on I guess you would say the traditional patriarchy of America. They're they're all focused on the white man, right? Like, it's all our fault. So they're trying to segregate and I know you're African American, I'm, I'm Caucasian. So they're trying to segregate and split and divide based on this, this narrative that you know, all white people are evil. So I mean, what are your thoughts on this as an African American Do you feel like there is systemic racism in this country? Funny you say that because I have a video in addition to a pocket series that video series and launch two, and in the video that will debut tomorrow actually, I Well, I don't know when this will post out, but it will debut on my blog very soon. The title is racism exists in America, but America is not a racist country. And in that video, I lay out stats and stats in numbers around why that is. So let me give you a couple of couple of points that I make in the video. So according to the Pew Research Center in 1967 when miscegenation laws when you know, quote, interracial marriages were overturned the United States there about 3% of all new the west at that time were married to someone of a different race. But since then, intermarriage rates have steadily climbed by 1983 to 2006 25% of couples that were interracial couples steadily increase between 1980 to 2009. So I'm trying to say, but that is in the marital range. If you look at cohabitation, which is just people living together, but not being married, then between 2003 2006 25% of all couples who were living together, or mixed race couples. So if you have 25% of people living together, there's one in four people living together or mixed race couples, and you have this steady increase of interracial marriages, then how can you say that America is a racist country? Because that doesn't add up. Not it does not add up that there isn't a lot of moral outrage about interracial relationships. You know, I pointed my video. Other stats like something from things that Teesta they did a study on people's attitudes towards interracial marriages and interracial relationships. And out of I think, 2000 Americans, they survey it was like 85, or 87%. So they had no problem with it. And then there was also this other stat that I was looking at, too, because I was curious after seeing all these stats about interracial relationships, and interracial marriage is trending up. And there's no moral outrage against it, and it's totally accepted. I also looked at interracial adoptions. And I found that over time between 2002 to 2012 21, to 24%, somewhere in there 24% of all domestic adoptions of children under the age of two were transracial, meaning that out of 24%, more or less, one out of one out of four adoptions was either somebody white adopting a black child, somebody black, adopting a Hispanic child, or Asian Chow, whatever, the two different two different races. So when I look at that, I'm like, Okay, we have a growing trend of interracial relationships, interracial marriages, people living together, we have almost 25% of all adoptions being interracial. How can you say that America is a racist country, if we're loving each other and ever adopting children of other races? It just doesn't make sense to me. And so that's the gist of my latest video talks about. Yeah, and I mean, you know, we did elect the African American president twice, twice. So I mean, I, I think the whole argument is bunk. I mean, this whole, this whole new thing of, you know, you've heard the reports, the greatest threat to America's, you know, white extremist, domestic terrorism. You know, they're talking about guys like me, you know, guys that respect the Constitution, that want to uphold freedom. I mean, that's basically who they're talking about. And, you know, to me, it's pretty insulting. I don't know any white supremacist. I don't know any, they've never have never met one never seen one. I don't know where they're at, if they're out there. There's not many of them. So, you know, I worked in law enforcement for 20 years never really ran into any. So I mean, I, you know, I don't see that. When I in the world I live in, I'm sure they exist, but the numbers cannot be very great. They are not, they're not great at all. Actually, I did. Another point. I talked about this on my blog, actually, because and I'll give you the link to if you want to, if someone wants to. Absolutely. But the title of the other article is I'm not buying the white supremacy narrative. And this is why and so I go through different facts and figures about about this. And so I'm looking at this, I'm pulling up this one chart here. This is from the global terrorism database. And it says that United States United Kingdom and Germany are white supremacist hotspots, which, you know, sounds ominous. But when I look at the data itself, and you'll see it in the article when I seen a link, so add, it's at his highlight of the data here from 2018. There were 40 incidents for white supremacy 44, zero, and then it says there were other stats being tracked like and they're in this database I'm referencing they tracked Islamic extremism, extremist left anti government, whatever. But when you come straight down to just white supremacy, terrible, we're 40 I think the United States and if you look at this other chart here Some information for 2019. They look at white supremacy globally worldwide, they were able to say that, okay, because of white supremacy attacks worldwide, in 2019, there were 165 in the entire world, little over 300 incidents, meaning somebody called somebody a name, or there was an attack or something that they say it was a white supremacist attack in some way. But when you consider the population of the world, a couple of billion people, you have 165 deaths and a few billion people. I mean, no death is insignificant. But that number is very, very small, very, very small for to be considered a major threat here in the United States. And then I'm also also mentioned as Article Two about the the Charlottesville lie when he said, what, what Trump supposedly said that the clamor good people. I talked about that article, and I point out, a point out that when you look at the protests itself, there were more people out there protesting the Klan than there were actually Klan members, and also show some stats from also from statistics that surveyed Americans at the time of the Charlottesville into that. And their survey said that 86% of Americans disagree with white supremacy. And so you know, I didn't put in my in my video, I probably would call out how can 86% of Americans disagree with white supremacy as as qualified as being Klan members? How can 86% of Americans disagree with Klan members marry so many people that have a different race, adopt children of a different race? And and people still say that Americans are racist country, it just doesn't add up. But it feeds into the narrative of the left. So they keep it going? Yeah. And I think, again, it's all about dividing us as a country. And as a people, you know, it's easier to you know, divide and conquer. It's the oldest play in the book. And that brings me to some other areas of this where they're dividing people. And one of the big ones is transgender stuff. So they so they have like, what, 68 genders or something now. And counting. Now. I mean, the last time I, maybe you correct me if I'm wrong here. I mean, the last time I read a science book or a biology book, there's two genders, and that's pretty much it, right? Mm hmm. Okay. Yeah. So that's a scientific fact. Now, the problem is, is that they've convinced a whole lot of people, well, not really, but maybe 1% or 2% of the population, that there are 68 genders. How do you have a conversation with someone when two plus two does not equal four? Yeah, yeah. It's hard to if someone's going to think a certain way, no matter what, they just have willful blindness. I mean, this is nothing much you can you can do there. But in terms of what you said about gender dysphoria, which is, which is a very big deal. I was very curious about it. And I wrote about this on my blog, too, was all things when I want to figure out why something's going on, I go back to the rule of follow the money. Because everything comes down to either money or power, no matter what it is, it seems like, especially in politics. So in my article I talked about was naming this article, and I'll see a link to this as well, who decides the sex of your child? Yeah, definitely. But who decides is is your child? So I came across this article from The Daily Signal called I'm a pediatrician how transgender ideology has infiltrated my field reduce a large scale child abuse. And from that article, I'm gonna read this one little thing here, which brings to mind why I say follow the money every time. So here's a quote. In the article, the author dropped several truth bombs that I had never heard before. And I read a lot, and I read a lot. These were a few of them. These are some truth bombs from the article. Pediatric gender clinics are considered elite centers for affirming children who are distressed by their biological sex. This distressful condition one stub gender identity disorder was renamed gender dysphoria in 2013. In 2014, there were 24 of these gender clinics cluster chiefly along the east coast and in California, and these are clinics that help you transition from one sex to the other. One year later, there were 40 across the nation with 215 pediatric residency programs now training future pediatricians in transition affirming protocol and treating gender dysphoria children accordingly, gender clinics are bound to proliferate further. In other words, at one point, they were 24. Less than a year later, they're 40. I don't know how many There are now there is money in this move behind this movement. So if you are a doctor, you want to get into surgery, gender dysphoria to producing sex change operations is big money. And it's going to get bigger. So that's why you singing more hear more about it? Yeah. Well, money and power my friend, it all comes down money or power? It usually it usually does. So I want to kind of talk to you about your show things to think about. How did you, you know, how did you? What caused you to kind of start that? How did you get that going? What brought it all together? Yeah, I've always been on the conservative side of things. I just didn't know what it was called. And prior to that podcast, I created a brand name for myself in the recruiting industry, cuz I've been in an HR recruiting for a couple of decades. And when the whole George Floyd thing started happening. And it was the outrage about it, and I was buying into the narrative at one point, because I was like, wow, that's, it looks pretty cut and dried and sky was, was murdered on on camera. And I just started looking at that, and I started researching more about it, because I was so intrigued about that story. And I've always been one, I've always been a bit of a research nerd, maybe your listeners can sort of pick up on that already. But what I'm really curious about something, I start researching it. And I started seeing a lot of conflicting reports about him being on on drugs, at the time of the arrest, how he was in the back of the car, at one point saying he couldn't breathe, before they had his knee on them, and how they were following procedures and how they possibly knew each other. It was just a lot of smoke around it. And it wasn't all as cut and dry as the media made it seem. And then I started looking at his particular background and his criminal past and how I one point he had a gun to a pregnant ladies stomach while he was Robair. I'm thinking this guy is not a saint. You know, maybe he became a saint later in life. For me. I don't know exactly when he did stuff like this, but I didn't I see him as being worthy of a golden casket of all of these accolades, and all this stuff that was going on, it just did not seem to fit. And I say, Well, how I'm saying this, I'm not even doing a lot of research. And I was seeing this, I wonder why other people weren't seeing it. Then I started noticing more about how the mainstream media censors certain information to keep certain narratives alive. Because they want to make money off of a particular narrative, or they have an ideological reason why they want certain stories out and not others. So I say, Well, maybe people just don't know about this stuff. So I started writing about it. And I started podcasting about it. And that's on my podcast came about. So yeah, well, I'm glad you started because I enjoy your show immensely. And can you tell everybody, where can they find you? And what's the best way to reach out and get in touch? Sure. The best way to reach me is through my blog. Jim Stroud, calm. This aim is TR o Ud. com, subscribe to my newsletter, and you'll get all of my articles, you get my podcast, get notification on my videos. All things Jim Stroud says go to Jim Jim Everybody, Jim, really appreciate talking to you. Always a pleasure. Thanks for coming on. My pleasure. Thanks for listening to don't tread on liberty with Jason Davis. Subscribe on Google Play iTunes or your favorite platform. For more liberty news, check out www dot don't tread on And subscribe to the blog or join the conversation